The Color Consultant

Services of the accredited IACC Color Consultant are an asset

Color is an essential element in any design. Interdisciplinary education is the best tool for achieving the most effective solutions to questions of color use in architecture, interiors, product development and marketing.


The IACC professional

  • Refrains from subjective personal design opinions
  • Avoids preconceived design notions
  • Is trained to help a client analyze and realize design goals effectively


The training of the IACC Color Consultant/Designers goes far beyond the traditional training in color that is received in architecture or interior design schools. Traditional color training covers primarily color theory.


The core curriculum of IACC's education/accreditation program provides an in-depth exploration of all facets of color, from color in marketing to color psychology and the creation of optimum architectural environments.


The IACC color professional is specially trained in the functional and the aesthetic application of color and the resulting human responses. The goal is to use color in a more effective way and to create more user-supportive environments through the "educated" application of color.