Our Professional Philosophy

 The establishment of the IACC and its training program would not have been necessary if design with color were just a matter of "mere decoration." Color, and human reaction to color, includes much more. The subject of color can be approached from many different perspectives and disciplines that at first glance may seem unrelated. The natural sciences, color theory, technology, biology, philosophy, psychology and art are all aspects of the concept "Color." In the "human experience" of color, all of these perspectives and disciplines are interrelated, and from the standpoint of designing the man-made (architectural) environment, they are all involved to some extent.


Color (and light) are major factors in the architectural environment. Thanks to sophisticated techniques of research and analysis, we now know that color affects cortical activation (brain waves), functions of the autonomic nervous system, and hormonal activity, and that color arouses definite emotional and aesthetic associations.


This is where the work of the professional color consultant/designer assumes its responsibility. It also becomes evident that color consulting/design is a profession in its own right, and must be subject to the same high standards as is found in all other professions demanding proof of competency.